Spies, Scouts and Raiders

Spies, Scouts and Raiders

Time-Life Books

Time-Life Civil War Series 18 of 27

A gripping, comprehensive account of the Civil War, including eyewitness testimony, profiles of key personalities, period photographs, illustrations and artifacts, and detailed battle maps. Fully researched, superbly written.

During the Civil War both North and South employed irregular forces and spies to try to gain advantage over the enemy. This volume looks at these various elements: Confederate spy rings, the Pinkerton agency, Morgan's raiders, Mosby, etc. This book has great photos of artifacts, contemporary photos, and artwork. A fascinating read on how special operations and intelligence-gathering were conducted because these two functions became formalized parts of modern military establishments. It includes sidebars on secret weapons, photos of some of Quantrill's most notorious raiders, U.S. Military Railroads, the General Raid, codes and ciphers and Confederate operations from Canada.

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