Leonardo da Vinci: Artist, Thinker and Man of Science (Great Masters)

Leonardo da Vinci: Artist, Thinker and Man of Science (Great Masters)

Eugène Müntz

Great Masters: a series of biographies of legendary artists with selections from their ouevre

Eugène Müntz (1845 - 1902) was a brilliant art historian who studied the lives and output of many of the world's greatest artists. Leonardo da Vinci: Artist, Thinker and Man of Science is one of his greatest contributions to the literature of the extraordinary and unique da Vinci. This new release recreates that original book and explores the drawings and paintings of da Vinci as richly as anyone who has written subsequently.

What makes this volume so unique is the manner in which Müntz marries the scientific mind of this genius with the explanation of how he understood anatomy and in turn how he expanded his insatiable mind with mechanical inventions and details the like of which we have yet to see in any other artist. But the fascination of this writing doesn't stop there. Even in the time of this writing Müntz is unafraid to approach the personality of da Vinci, focusing on how gracious a teacher he was as well as exploring the relationships he had with the men in his life - something that even today writers fear approaching.

This book is rich in examples of da Vinci's figurative and anatomical drawings, paintings, and portraits, yet it is equally respectful of the many architectural renderings and studies of drapery and preliminary sketches rarely seen. There is even a rather surprising reproduction of a telling drawing 'The Incarnate Angel' (1513-1514) from a private collection in Germany. Though this book remains one of historical importance, it is curiously intellectually beyond much of what is being shared in today's biographies. Highly recommended.

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